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Sudbury Listings Photography

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

I have been photographing a lot of homes and commercial buildings in the Sudbury area.  Having better images for your listings can intrigue buyers to view your listings.


James Hodgins


I’m a real estate agent now!

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Really, how hard can it be?  You show people houses, you tell the other agents how much your clients want….. It’s easy right?    It’s like being a professional photographer, you just need a camera, print out some business cards and voila, away you go. LOL, I’m just kidding, IT TAKES LOADS OF WORK TO BE A PROFESSIONAL, but I do enjoy photographing the interiors for our local real estate agents listings.  Talking to Andrew Delben of Remax he was telling me that he appreciates good photos of the interiors as that usually gives the buyers their first impression.  I was the same way when we were looking for our house, our agent wanted us to look at it, but after looking at the photos we said no.  Luckily she was persistent and we viewed the house, and the photos did NOT do it justice at all.  Here are a few images from a recent Real Estate Listing Shoot, if you want the listing, check out Andrew’s site

The trick is to add depth, and show as much of the room as possible.

The Snapshot

Bathrooms are very important

Most shots are too tight to show anything.

Recrooms are sometimes dark

It’s hard to get good quality lighting using the in camera flash.

Curb appeal is always good

But how can you get the best of the exterior when you only use the sun and your built in flash?

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