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Well Now THAT Was A KICKASS Day!!!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

What a way to end our 2010 Wedding Season.  We kicked it off with a blast with Lynn & Ryan and their huge wedding party.  The weather was looking pretty meek for today as it was calling for a high of 6 degrees with rain and SNOW?  But I was prepared and performed the photographers sundance last night and it seemed to have paid off.  What is this photographers sundance you ask?  Well, if your a photographer, and you want great weather for your wedding, then just simple do this.  The night before the wedding, at exactly 7:17pm run around the outside of your house, 3 times, counter-clockwise, backwards.  Naked.  It works.  Anyways, back to today.  Lynn and the girls were troopers, 6 degrees out?  Bah, that’s nothing, and the guys didn’t complain one bit when we hit dynamic earth with the gusty winds.    If I could sum up this wedding in one word it would FUN!.    We were laughing all day, with the best one-liner Jocelyne ever said at a wedding “I’LL SHOW YOU A BACK ALLEY!”.  If we had liquid in our mouths it would have come out our noses.  We are sad and happy at the same time.  Sad that it’s our last wedding of the season, but happy that every one of our weddings this summer has been unique, fun and memorable.  Lynn & Ryan we want to thank the both of you and your bridal party, you were all AMAZING!  Even you douche.    We had laughs, we had rain, we had sun, we had McDonalds, we had Timmies and we even had the famous Bick Pickles Shoes make an appearance.    People are probably reading this wondering “what went on at this wedding”, well I can only tell you, you HAD to be there.

Thanks again everyone, you finished off our season with a BANG!!!  A big shout out to Barb Weir of Barb Weir Photography for coming from London to hang out and help us out.

Sudbury Photographer


Josee & Jason Were Married Today.

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Well it was another beautiful sunny Sudbury Wedding  today at least it turned out that way in the end.  This morning however the  clouds were out, the rain was, well, raining, and the temperature was not looking any better.  But hey, you do what we do right? So out we headed with the guys in the morning to find some cover and capture some images and by the time we finished at Josee’s house in the Valley the rain had stopped and some blue sky was  poking it’s gorgeous head through the clouds.  In the end it turned out to be a beautiful sunny wedding day, one that we took full advantage of.  Josee & Jason were the type of couple that leaving them alone to do their own thing resulted in some amazing moments and photo opportunities so that was pretty well what we let them do all day.  The phrase “Alright you two, just stand there and make out” was pretty well the “Happy Photo Dance” saying. 🙂

Thanks again you two and also a big thank you to your bridal party and family.   Joce, Tina, and myself had a great time today with you all.



Mandy & Tyler Tied The Knot Today

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Jocelyne and myself just got back from documenting the beautiful wedding of Mandy & Tyler.   Like I expected, the rain held out and the cloudy overcast day was one of the best for photographing in.  Soft light, no shadows, not to hot, not too cold, just an all around perfect day.  We worked our way from Onaping falls, into downtown Sudbury and finished off at Science North where the wedding ceremony/reception was taking place.  The bridal party was in fine form, all smiles and laughter and the bridesmaids had just as quick comebacks as the groomsmen could throw them out there.  Mandy and Tyler looked were all goog-ga-li eyes for each other all day and most of the time I didn’t have to direct them, there in just in the right spot, at the right time, doing the right thing.

It was a pleasure Tyler and Mandy and we are truly thankful that you chose us to document your day.   We were honored to be a part of it and look forward to photographing your future events (like your Trash The Dress/Bass Derby we are going to plan hahaha).

Just for the record everyone.  Tyler had one of the best lines I have ever heard live in a wedding speech.  If you ask, I will tell you.

Sudbury Wedding Photographer


We LOVE Getting Wedding Emails

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Just received this email from the Mother of the Groom from our Geraldton Wedding we photographed last weekend.

“Hey there Joce & James,

Love the blog. Sorry about the menthol toothpaste. It is quite a funny story though (Hehe!). YES it did rain cats & dogs but you managed to help make it a wedding to remember. Thanks guys for rolling with the punches and keeping up with the positive waves. We had no choice but to follow along with you. Derek, Julz and their wedding party loved their photo session so much, they would have kept on posing for you all day and on through the night.

Thanks for the extra care you provided for Derek’s grandma too. We appreciated your concern and consideration.

Joe & I…we’re just crazy happy for the memories you helped us create. Can’t wait until we can see all the photos in August.

You two are truly an amazing and passionate team…Keep on creating magic!”

Renée & Don (Joe) Wilkins, Blind River, Ontario

We are pretty sure EVERYONE had fun at the wedding….especially the Bride & Groom

Ontario Wedding Photography

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