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Jovana & Bobby are getting married!

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

We just finished the engagement session for Jovana & Bobby who are getting married next month (WOW! IT’S WEEKS AWAY).  We just met the couple face to face a few weeks earlier to go over the final wedding details and I must say, there was a big change from then and now.  Now don’t get me wrong, they are a great couple, smiling, giggling, you know, “the in love look” on their faces.   The meeting was great.   But Bobby was kinda quiet, and it’s the usual quietness that we see in grooms during consultations like this.

Tonight however……..was different.    We got to see the true side of Bobby.  True Bobby is FUN, and the more fun Bobby had the more fun Jovana had.  The whole time you could see them feed off each others energy.  The whole session was us laughing and being loud!  It was AWESOME and we can’t wait for their wedding next month.

Thanks again to the both of you.  We had a great time during the session.  My stomach muscles still hurt.

Using that May Sun to warm up the downtown background.

And this sums it up when you let them do whatever they want.  I love it!

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